Wrinkled Jean Dress

Welcome to my first lifestyle post (it’s my first time so I’m still rusty)!

I hope you’ve already checked out my correlating beauty post (here).


On this day, I was feeling myself a lot because it was finally a good day in New York City and I decided to wear a (wrinkled*) Levi jean shirt as a dress that I got while shopping in the men’s section at a thrift store in Birmingham, Alabama. (You will soon find out that I am a broke college student and I try not to spend more than $5 on any article of clothing unless it is totally worth it!)

*It’s wrinkled because I don’t know how to iron 🙂

Underneath the Levi jean shirt, I opted for a regular pair of shorts to cover my bottom.


I wore my favorite brown oxfords that I probably got from this store in Deerfield Beach, Florida named $9.88 (every pair of shoe in the store is $9.88 or lower). I love matching brown with jean colors just because I feel like it flows better and is more fun for the spring than wearing black and jeans (so fall and winter).


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