Red Bliss


Going to a prestigious fashion school really put the pressure on me to dress up daily due to the ongoing fashion show that each student created just by gracing their presences on the campus. I developed killer confidence! Even though I almost never wore “high fashion” name brands, in the thrift shopping category, I was/still am a force to be reckoned with (in my opinion).

Keeping up with the Fashion Institute of Technology!


On this day, I decided to wear a red and black floral silk button front blouse that I bought while shopping at a Goodwill store in McDonough, Georgia. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!! The blouse was very light so although the sun was shining down on me, I did not feel stuck to the blouse or extremely suffocated.


Pairing my blouse with this cool leather skirt (that is twisted in the photos because you can’t be perfect lol), I created the perfect staple chic schoolgirl ensemble.


I believe that the black oxfords worn in the photographs came from my favorite shoe store in Deerfield Beach, Florida named $9.99. I like to buy two pairs of closed shoes yearly, a black pair of oxfords, and a brown pair (noted in my previous post here) so get used to seeing these shoes a lot!

All in all, my entire outfit including shoes probably costed me a total of about $20-$25. Not bad, huh? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Red Bliss

  1. Thank you for your follow
    I am a poet and an artist
    I can appreciate the fact
    That you want to follow your
    Dream, I myself is a person
    Whose beliefs are the same
    Thank you again
    See you on the other side of creativity
    The Sheldon Perspective


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