The Jean Queen

As my blog continues to flourish, you will soon discover that I love being versatile in my style of dress. On this day, I was my crazy, unapologetic self!


I always make sure that I buy multiple solid colored basic t-shirts from Forever21. On this day, I opted for a plain white t-shirt that I tied in a knot above my belly button.


In addition to my distressed denim that I ripped myself (when I decided that the original holes just were not big enough), I wore a pair of Polo Ralph Lauren boxer briefs that were given to me as a Christmas gift from one of my friends.


You know were I got my shoes from! :p

(Discover the deets on my shoes here if you’ve forgotten)

I chose to wear a gold watch, a gold necklace, and gold diamond crusted hoop earrings on this day because I wanted to fulfill the down to earth, urban chic look that I was going for! I hope you like it!


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