Dress 4 Success

During the school year, more than often this college student’s money will run extremely low. So low that even when I am asked to go into a potential employer’s place of business for a job interview, I do not necessarily have the money to be able to buy the pricier business casual attire.

Therefore, I am always sure to look in the jacket aisles of thrift stores to find unique, dress for less business blazers and jackets because not only will they be different, they will also be authentic and sometimes even vintage!


I bought this nude colored blazer with black accents from a Goodwill in McDonough, Georgia. Underneath the jacket, I opted for a regular black spaghetti strapped tank top.


Keeping it simple, and as affordable as possible for myself, I decided to pair this look with basic black skinny jeans that I bought from H&M (they’re almost always $12 or less). Being that at the time I couldn’t afford a pair of dress pants or slacks (major MUST HAVE), I went with the “not so jean-y” black jeans that were in my closet, and rolled them up above the ankle to make them look more like pants than jeans.

Finishing off this look, I decided to wear a pair of $10 chunk heels bought from Shoe Land in Morrow, Georgia and a pearl necklace that I had gotten and worn for my debutante cotillion a few years earlier. Thank God for costume jewelry!!

Like this look? Tell me what you think!



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