Verse Of The Day: Psalm 119:37

Today is October 1st. A brand new month to become a brand new person, or the upgraded version of yourself. For the month of October, I have decided to implement a “Verse of the Day” everyday because I believe that daily devotionals will help me to stay on track with my relationship with God and help build my knowledge of scripture. I hope these new devotionals help you all too!

October 1, 2016


This particular bible verse really stands out to me because I feel that it is very easy for me to get distracted by everything that happens in and around my life, especially when I am alone in college or just on my own. Once I allow myself to get distracted, it becomes very hard for me to find my way back to the straight and narrow path. It becomes exhausting because it feels like I am fighting a battle that I could never win, making me feel empty and unworthy on the inside. In Psalm 119:37, David is asking for God to revive him. I need God to revive me; bring me back to life and put me back together again. I need God to revive me in His way because without God’s guidance and direction, I am lost and left in a cycle of looking at worthless things.



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